On my days off...

Family time. {down time or a fun outing with the hubby and my sweet boys} 
Lunch with a friend. 
Shopping at Hobby Lobby, Home Goods or Target. 
Grabbing a coffee with cream and sugar-free vanilla sweetener. 
Sharing about essential oils. 
Leading Bible study at church. 
Decorating my house. 
Listening to podcasts on the Enneagram 
"Reading" a good book on Audible. 
Leading my amazing Young Living leaders and team.
Eating at Chipotle. 

Corrie & Her Boys

Living my best life

Something so important about knowing if we are a match up is to get the opportunity to connect! I love a good coffee date, zoom call, chat on the phone or drinks for happy hour! Connecting with your photographer is SO IMPORTANT for amazing images! So, let's connect! My hope is that we finish off after delivery of photos as friends! Relationships are what I love most about this amazing life of photography that I get to live out!   

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Let's Match Up

Photography by Corrie Kraft