So here's the scoop... I have a crazy awesome story of not being able to get pregnant for 11.5 years!! Even with infertility specialists, drugs and intervention to help. And then enters these little bottles of goodness... and with both Jesus and oils... our little miracle baby was born! I believe with my whole heart after years of watching oils work for me and my family that everyone should have the opportunity to get these tools in their home! We have completely switched over our medicine cabinet (which wasn't easy for my Nurse Practitioner husband at first) to using oils for our immune system, emotions, wellness, hormones, laundry, cooking, aches and pains, skin and more! It has changed our whole way of thinking about living chemical free! We use chemical free cleaners, laundry detergent, toothpaste, vitamins, deodorant, make-up and skin care! Young Living is so incredible and I am so thankful to have the option for my family! I am happy to share with you if you would like to know more! Here are some links to check out some more in detail! Happy oiling friends!
(you can jump into our team with this number... 2676402)


Photography by Corrie Kraft